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Commission Inception Review

Pulman uses this commission inception review over all others

New Pullman Advice…Don’t Get Punched In The Face When Playing Metallica Tabs

So on this blog you will find many wonderful pearls of wisdom. You will find how I survived a frigid winter in the woods behind my house. You will find how to stop yourself from being put on the no fly list like myself.

But today I want to give you advice on how to keep your teeth. (By the way if you need a dentist, this local is a nice lady)

You see…Going out at night and drinking moonshine can be fun. But if you are an angry person like me then it can be quite dangerous. This is because when ever I get rowdy I have a very bad habit of throwing my drinks on strangers.

Anyhoo this guy was playing some metallica Tabs and It really made me mad. I asked him where he learned that and he said to go to

Long story short. Don’t show drinks on strangers…

How I Found My Home..And Bought It For $200 Dollars

I know from the last post that many of you must be jealous of my fancy house. It is not the bestbut it is definitely…something. The thing is my family used to always tell me

“Pullman you are going to end up homeless”

(Forunately I own a pretty profitable guitar tab site

Ha! I showed them. I might live in a shack in the middle of the woods and have to live off rabbit met. But I tell you what, I got a fancy computer to blog on and when winter comes I don’t freeze to death. Life could get A LOT worse if you ask me.

Now. I know a ton of you reading this are probably eager to find you own little slab of paradise. You are jealous because I have a home that makes me happy and your home makes you sad…

Well guess what?! I don’t want you to find a place like mine, because these are hot commodities. If you want to have your own little shack that cost $200 bucks to buy you will have to use the contact form and ask me yourself.

Be a man and do it..


Pullmans View On Dallas

Hey guys this is Pull man and I am just letting you in on my newest blog Pullmans View On Dallas. On this blog I will giving my 2 cents on everything Dallas related. This is because I simply like to hear myself talk.

But seriously, this is going to be a great blog that is going to help you and entrain you at the same time. If you live in the Dallas area then you are going to love my brutal reviews of the local businesses and get the real info on just what is going on. This is not going to be some lovey dovey review site, but a site based around exactly what you want to hear…The truth!

Be sure to tune in for the upcoming reviews

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