New Pullman Advice…Don’t Get Punched In The Face When Playing Metallica Tabs

So on this blog you will find many wonderful pearls of wisdom. You will find how I survived a frigid winter in the woods behind my house. You will find how to stop yourself from being put on the no fly list like myself.

But today I want to give you advice on how to keep your teeth. (By the way if you need a dentist, this local is a nice lady)

You see…Going out at night and drinking moonshine can be fun. But if you are an angry person like me then it can be quite dangerous. This is because when ever I get rowdy I have a very bad habit of throwing my drinks on strangers.

Anyhoo this guy was playing some metallica Tabs and It really made me mad. I asked him where he learned that and he said to go to

Long story short. Don’t show drinks on strangers…

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